Holiday Cleaning Plan

From now until almost mid-January, offices across the country are gearing up to celebrate “the holidays.”

Holiday season is the time when offices decorate their workspaces to boost morale and make them more inviting for clients.

In the coming months your office may be adorned with everything from candy filled jack-o-lanterns to Thanksgiving turkeys to Christmas trees and to Menorah’s complete with candles.

While it’s true that spirits are lifted during this time of year, COVID-19 is still a concern, and cold and flu season is also on the rise. The first step in making the holidays truly merry for your staff should be making your office space as tidy and germ-free as possible before you put up the trimmings.

Most people look for a reason to celebrate once the weather starts to change, but getting sick is no way to greet what should be a time of joy and renewal. Illness during the holidays can spread like wildfire, and can be a real productivity killer. To keep your dedicated workforce healthy, happy, and working during the holidays, give some attention to thoroughly eliminating those leftover germs and bugs that may be lurking from last season. That will help keep things merry and bright!

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